Carpet in Central Texas from Surface Source Design Center

Mar 25, 2021

Welcome to the world of luxurious carpets! At J&J Granite's Surface Source Design Center, we offer a wide range of premium carpets to enhance the comfort and style of your home. Whether you need a plush carpet for your living room, a durable one for high-traffic areas, or a stylish one for your bedroom, we have the perfect option for you.

Why Choose Carpet?

Carpet is a versatile flooring option that offers numerous benefits. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort, but it also helps to reduce noise and insulate your home, making it energy-efficient. Additionally, carpets come in various colors, patterns, and textures, allowing you to create the desired atmosphere in any room.

The Surface Source Design Center Difference

When it comes to finding the best carpet in Central Texas, Surface Source Design Center is your one-stop destination. We take pride in offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Here's why we stand out:

Extensive Selection

Our showroom features an extensive collection of carpets from top manufacturers, ensuring that you'll find the perfect match for your style and preferences. Whether you prefer classic, contemporary, or modern designs, we have something to suit every taste.

Quality and Durability

We understand that your carpet is an investment, which is why we only offer carpets that are built to last. Our products are made with premium materials and are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring long-term performance and beauty.

Expert Advice

With years of experience in the industry, our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in making the right choice. Whether you have questions about the best carpet type for your specific needs or need guidance on maintenance and care, we're here to help.

Professional Installation

At Surface Source Design Center, we not only provide high-quality carpets but also offer professional installation services. Our team of skilled installers will ensure that your carpet is installed correctly, guaranteeing a flawless finish and optimal performance.

Choosing the Perfect Carpet

Selecting the right carpet for your home can seem overwhelming, but with our assistance, it's a breeze. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the perfect carpet:

Style and Color

The style and color of your carpet play a crucial role in defining the overall look of your space. Whether you prefer a neutral palette or bold, vibrant hues, we have an extensive range of options to complement your interior design.

Carpet Fibers

Carpet fibers determine the carpet's appearance, durability, and maintenance requirements. From synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester to natural ones like wool, each has its own unique characteristics. Our experts will guide you in selecting the ideal fiber for your lifestyle.

Pile Height and Texture

The pile height and texture of the carpet affect its softness, comfort, and visual appeal. Whether you desire a plush, high-pile carpet for a cozy feel or a low-pile one for a sleek look, our selection has you covered.

Performance and Traffic

Certain areas of your home may experience heavy foot traffic, while others require a carpet that can handle moisture and spills. We'll help you find the right carpet construction and performance rating to ensure its suitability for each specific area.

Budget Considerations

At Surface Source Design Center, we believe that everyone deserves a luxurious carpet within their budget. Our team will work closely with you to find the best carpet option that aligns with your financial considerations without compromising on quality or style.

Visit Us Today

Ready to transform your home with the perfect carpet? Visit Surface Source Design Center today and explore our exquisite collection. Our team looks forward to assisting you in finding the ideal carpet that meets your needs, style, and budget.

Wendy Helgeson
The variety of options for different budgets is a huge plus. It caters to a wide range of customers.
Oct 30, 2023
Catherine Mattson
The range of patterns and designs makes the carpet selection process exciting. There's something for every style preference.
Oct 24, 2023
Tim Frame
The softness and luxury of the carpets really stand out. It's an instant upgrade for any space.
Oct 8, 2023
Lionel Kackson
The customizable options for carpet dimensions make it easy to find the perfect fit for your home. It adds a personalized touch.
Sep 27, 2023
Sdcklsdmc ;Lsdc;Lsd
The range in carpet thickness is impressive, providing something for everyone's preferences and needs.
Sep 17, 2023
Velvet Nelson
The detailed information on each carpet option helps in making an informed decision. It's a great aid for customers.
Sep 14, 2023
Nicole Dukeman
The comprehensive warranty coverage for the carpets offers great peace of mind. It shows confidence in the product's quality.
Aug 16, 2023
Bob Cahill
The care instructions for each carpet option provide valuable guidance for maintaining their appearance and condition in the long run.
Aug 14, 2023
Paul Kowalski
The long-term performance and durability are crucial factors, and it's clear that these carpets are built to excel in both aspects.
Jun 12, 2023
Dana Baldukas
I'm amazed by the innovative features in some of the carpets. It shows a commitment to staying ahead in the industry.
Jun 10, 2023
Patrick Mitchell
The luxurious feel of the carpets really adds a cozy atmosphere to any home. Love it!
Apr 10, 2023
Cortney Buletti
The feedback from previous customers really helps in making an informed decision on the right carpet for your home.
Mar 24, 2023
Jeff Hawkings
The bold and vibrant colors in the carpet options are refreshing. They really make a statement in any room.
Mar 7, 2023
Sandeep Manchanda
The wide choice of carpet material options is great. It allows for customization based on individual needs.
Feb 24, 2023
Dane Winkelman
The variety of patterns and designs makes it exciting to choose a carpet that reflects your personal style.
Feb 22, 2023
Davon Cochran
The variety of carpet material options make it easy to find a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. Kudos for the commitment to the environment.
Feb 3, 2023
Kristy Glass
The investment in a high-quality carpet is definitely worth it, especially when considering the long-term benefits for your home.
Jan 28, 2023
Gilbert Gabo
I'm amazed by the innovative features in some of the carpets. It shows a forward-thinking approach to carpet design and functionality.
Jan 20, 2023
Karen Malone-Sanders
The stain-resistant properties are a game-changer for maintaining the carpets. It makes life so much easier!
Jan 4, 2023
David Cossaboon
The feedback from previous customers goes a long way in building trust and confidence in the brand. It's great to see so many satisfied customers.
Dec 19, 2022
Jason Holland
The stain-resistant features of the carpets are a game-changer! Makes maintenance much easier.
Nov 27, 2022
Wade Warren
The vibrant colors in the carpet options add a lively touch to any room. It's a great way to infuse energy into the space.
Nov 11, 2022
Mohamed Moubasher
The quality of the carpets from Surface Source Design Center is unmatched. Definitely worth considering!
Nov 8, 2022
Megan Becker
The variety of carpet offerings for commercial spaces is impressive. It's a great resource for businesses looking to elevate their interiors.
Oct 24, 2022
Vassiliy Manokhin
The environmentally friendly options are a huge plus. It's nice to see a commitment to sustainability.
Oct 19, 2022
Martha Hall
The ease of maintaining the carpets is a major benefit. It's great for busy households looking for a low-maintenance solution.
Oct 12, 2022
Rick Lasky
The customer testimonials highlight the satisfaction and happiness with the carpets. It's reassuring to see positive feedback.
Sep 27, 2022
Ryan McNally
The diverse texture options add an interesting dimension to the carpets. It's a great way to personalize the look and feel of a space.
Sep 20, 2022
Jim McGovern
I appreciate the emphasis on offering practical and durable options for high-traffic areas. It's a great combination of style and functionality.
Aug 10, 2022
Zoe Cooper
The durability and long-term performance are important factors when considering a new carpet. These seem to excel in both aspects.
Aug 1, 2022
Angela Cloutier
The variety of carpet styles available makes it simple to find something that truly fits your personal taste.
Jul 30, 2022
Anne-Marie Lavan
The affordability and quality of the carpets make it a great choice for anyone looking to spruce up their home.
Jul 25, 2022
Michael Davidson
The durability of the carpets is impressive. Perfect for homes with kids and pets!
Jul 22, 2022
John Trapani
The luxurious feel of the carpets instantly elevates the ambiance of any space. It's a wonderful addition to any home.
May 14, 2022
Marcus Jemmett
I love the variety of carpets offered! They're perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room.
May 13, 2022
Mary Carder
The versatility of the carpet options makes it easy to find a suitable choice for any type of interior design.
May 8, 2022
Dylan Collins
I appreciate the focus on offering both comfort and style in the carpet selections. Great job!
Apr 24, 2022
Elias Nemeh
The sleek and contemporary designs are perfect for those wanting a more modern touch in their homes. Impressive selection!
Apr 19, 2022
David Schnurman
The soft and plush carpets are perfect for creating a cozy and inviting home. Love the options!
Apr 12, 2022
William Montone
The detailed care instructions for each carpet option are incredibly useful. Makes it easier to maintain them in the long run.
Apr 9, 2022
Roshan Patel
The investment in a high-quality carpet provides long-term benefits for the home. It's a worthwhile consideration for any homeowner.
Apr 6, 2022
Stanley Bryant
The rich and inviting colors of the carpets add warmth and character to any space. It's a great way to enhance the ambiance of a home.
Mar 17, 2022
Clarke Ferber
The availability of environmentally friendly options is a huge plus. It's refreshing to see a commitment to sustainability.
Feb 10, 2022
Jen Houchin
The carpet options for commercial spaces are great too. It's nice to see options for businesses as well.
Feb 3, 2022
Jessica Kennedy
I'm thrilled with the process of customizing the carpet to fit specific room dimensions. It really makes it feel tailored to your home.
Jan 19, 2022
Carolyn Sullivan
The detailed information provided on each carpet option makes it much easier to make an informed decision. Very helpful!
Dec 29, 2021
Gilda Villela
The hassle-free installation process really adds value to the overall experience. Customer satisfaction is clearly a priority.
Dec 28, 2021
Chris Hernandez
The customer service at Surface Source Design Center is top-notch. They really help you find the perfect carpet for your needs.
Dec 20, 2021
The luxurious and indulgent feel of the carpets is an instant mood-booster. It truly adds a touch of opulence to any home.
Dec 11, 2021
Karen Dohrmann
The wide range of colors available makes it exciting to envision how different carpets can completely transform a space.
Dec 1, 2021
Donald Faust
The selection of stylish carpets for bedrooms is excellent. It's hard to choose just one.
Oct 28, 2021
Vincent Chan
The range of options for different budgets is welcoming. It allows for a diverse customer base to access quality carpets.
Oct 20, 2021
Michael Curran
The installation process for the carpets seems hassle-free from the reviews. That's a huge relief!
Oct 6, 2021
Leena Suoninen
The variety of colors and patterns available is fantastic. It's easy to find the perfect carpet for any decor.
Oct 6, 2021
Qing Pan
The variety of textures available is impressive. Adds a lot of depth and character to the carpets.
Oct 3, 2021
Michelle Adel
The rich and deep colors of the carpets are so inviting. It's hard to resist not wanting one for every room.
Aug 24, 2021
Anderson Wilkins
The practical and durable options for high-traffic areas are a great balance of style and functionality. It's a smart choice for any home.
Aug 21, 2021
David Ulmen
I'm loving the modern designs available for those looking for a more contemporary touch. Great selection!
Jul 15, 2021
Matt Hodges
The variety in carpet thickness is a huge plus, as it caters to different preferences and needs.
Jun 21, 2021
Elena Shitikova
The softness and comfort the carpets provide are unmatched. It's like walking on a cloud!
Jun 20, 2021
Gail Bergmiller
The modern and sleek designs are perfect for those seeking a contemporary look in their homes. It's an impressive array of options.
Jun 15, 2021
James Doherty
The website makes it so easy to browse the different carpet options. It's a seamless experience.
Jun 10, 2021
Yiqun Li
I'm impressed with the range of options available for high-traffic areas. It's a practical solution without sacrificing style.
Jun 1, 2021
Fred Trehet
The hassle-free cleaning and maintenance of the carpets make them a practical and convenient choice for any homeowner.
May 21, 2021
Jesse Mac
I appreciate the attention to detail in ensuring that the carpets are not only beautiful but also practical for daily use.
May 11, 2021
Peter Shih
The easy maintenance of the carpets is a major selling point. It's great for busy households.
May 10, 2021
Diego Abba
The variety in patterns and designs really allows for creative expression in home decor. It's fantastic to have so many options to choose from.
Apr 22, 2021
Eric Williamson
The versatility of the carpet options makes it simple to find a suitable choice for any interior design, catering to a wide range of styles.
Mar 31, 2021